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Resotec Water is a division of Resotec Africa Group a company incorporated in the republic of South Africa with its primary operation bases in Cape Town, Polokwane, Germany and Bulgaria. Resotec Africa Group is 100% owned and managed by black South Africa woman and has a level 1 B-BBEE Contribution.
The company’s primary and foremost basic principle is to supply pure drinking water to Africa and the rest of the world.


Resotec Water offers Package Plants, Atmospheric Water Generators, Waste Water Treatment, Water Reticulation, Water Infrastructure Audit,Boreholes, Purification Systems, Water Reservoirs, Water Bottling


“Resotec has successfully managed to install two fully functional Atmospheric Water Generators, which are producing and supplying 100% pure clean drinking water to the community of Dingamazi Village. Work was provided to about twenty community members during the construction of the foundations and laying of the slabs at Dingamazi village, while two permanent employment opportunities were created”

SEFA (Small Enterprise Finance Agency)Annual Report 2014

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