Resotec’s efforts receive Mention & Recognition

Resotec Water, a division of the multi-disciplinary organisation, Resotec Africa Group, led by
CEO, Thandie Selele, a proudly South African woman, born & raised in exile (Germany)
before becoming the founder and CEO of the company in 2007. The Sustainable
Infrastructure Handbook has called a “trail-blazer in a male dominated water industry,
passionate to bring about change.”
The Sustainable Infrastructure Handbook quotes Thandie saying “Our foremost objective is
to help fulfil a basic human right by providing sustainable, eco-friendly and pure drinking
water solutions to Africa and the rest of the world”, Also quoting the article from the
Sustainable Infrastructure Handbook, Thandie Selele, is driven by a burning desire to help
better people’s lives in more ways than one. Following the C.E.O.s passion concerning issues
of water and meeting the overall objective of the company, Resotec Water has had an
immeasurable impact on the client base it caters for which includes home users to major
industrial and municipal applications.
“Our company’s motto is ‘Service with innovative technology’ and we believe that ‘Water is
Life’. Everyone on our team is passionate in their commitment to this mission.” To this day
under the guidance of C.E.O. of Resotec Africa Group, Thandie Selele and General Manager
of Resotec Water, Moses Mavasa, the company continues push the envelope to discover
new eco-friendly, cost effective methods to provide clean, pure water to all parts of the
Resotec Water’s capability includes providing solutions for any industry, including farms,
communities, hospitals, schools and even the hospitality industry. Resotec Water offers a
vital safety net to the small users, however on a wider range they are able to assist
municipal mandates and make an impact to the macro economy of a region.

The bulk of this information is quoted or extracted from the Article:
“Resotec Water takes quantum leap with water solution”
By the Sustainable Infrastructure Handbook